‘No Way’ Mourinho?

After poor performances from Manchester United this season, It’s unlikely that Louis Van Gaal will be allowed to fufill his three year contrat with The Red Devils and represent them next season. 2 candidates for the role have emerged as heavy favourites to take over at Old Trafford in Summer 2016 – Ryan Giggs and Jose Mourinho, both of whom are excited by the prospect of taking over the most decorated club in English football. Both options have their benefits. One having played at the club since boyhood and acted closely with the managers at the club since his retirement from playing, giving him time to learn the ins and outs of the club. The other being ‘The Special One’ who has a reputation for building champions league winning squads.

Recently, one of the stands at Old Trafford was named after Man U legend Sir Bobby Charlton, who has also come out in stern opposition against Jose taking over as manager. This certainly harms Mourinho’s chance of taking over.